Some are afraid of failing in search of their dreams. I have little doubt that the seeking of one’s dreams can turn into just that, a search! Locked away in your brain, never to see the light of day. Why? Because connecting that bridge with reality is easier said than done. Or maybe you’re more like me than you care to admit. But you got married, had instant responsibility, and you took the conservative path, the prudent route and buried those dreams even further. For my part I have always been a little irresponsible. It also took a while to get to the place where I enjoy going to work each day. I can remember looking through the cushions trying to find some loose coins for a gallon of milk. But I would never have gotten where I am if not always believing that dreams lived are the greatest of what life has to offer. By the way, dreams don’t have to be monetary gains, they can be just doing what makes you happy and still etching out a living.

Too many of us are told, “That’s nut’s. You’re way out of your league.” The greatest teachers in your life encouraged you to set goals, to reach for your dream. They are the ones that encourage you, “work hard”, they say, to achieve what you want. I have seen too many friends stuck in relationships that are debilitating. Talented men and women never using their God given talents to live those thoughts instead of talking about them. It would be akin to Bruce Springsteen without a guitar, or Rembrandt without a brush because someone else stopped you from trying. Remember life is that series of choices and can be tough enough without trying to blame others for your decisions. If you’re stuck in a funk, then make a change before it’s really too late. 

My father was a talented person. I loved him more than anything. He provided for us and was always proud of what we accomplished. He encouraged us to do more! Dad died, retired from a factory job that he hated, not knowing how to get out, especially with five mouths to feed. But I have seen how great he was with his hands, the things he could build and the enjoyment that came with it! It just never occurred to him he might have had another path to follow.

How does that relate to wine? It doesn’t, or at least no more then any other life endeavor. But it was my aspiration, that came later in life. I overcame, and I am living it while I’m awake. I have said before we can always use more talented people in our industry, creativity in the winemaking and vineyard side of things. But there is also room for that person or people to move us and our industry forward. To overcome the stereotypes associated with alcohol. A person to spearhead efforts to break through to the college crowd of beer bonging, jello shooting automatons, bringing a small part of them into the fold. Giving them a little culture and guidance in their consumption choices! The enjoyment of the meal, the poetry of the glass. And in doing so saving ourselves from ourselves. Sharing freely the gift of knowledge we in this industry possess and not holding it tightly in a death grip, thinking it ours to safe guard. Thinking we have earned it and having the attitude, of divine right or elitism, Yuck! If our industry is to survive we need more wine drinkers…simple! We are a distant third in the consumption of alcoholic beverages dept., behind Beer and Spirits. Heck we’re probably behind vanilla extract. 

What does that have to do with dreams? I hope those that dream of wine making do so, and those that dream of marketing join us and help advance our cause.
For the rest, whatever it is, don’t give up on it! Make your dreams a reality and if a few dollars appear from your efforts, spend them on a bottle of wine to celebrate!

May all yours come true,


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