Truth In Labeling

Do you long for those days in the so distant past when we did not have computers, cell phones, flat screens, satellite, and HDTV? Yes, when you had to get off your ass to change the channels, oops. When you always had a dime to phone home? That was a special time in our country. We believed what was said out loud or read to be true. No doubts,  or the provider of said ad would be punished for false statements. Truth in labeling, remember that? I do!  But now there are those little loopholes that allow for merchandise to be not so, let’s say, sincere. Example, the ad wars with the two major phone service providers. I am a customer of both, full disclosure. One says they have better coverage, the other counters and tells you all the cities they’re in, not better coverage just in a lot of cities. One says they’re faster than the other, if you can get service, that’s not said. Point is if you’re not paying attention you believe the ad as true because after all it has to be, right?

Well sorry to say, wrong! Now let’s deal with my industry and let’s talk of the dirty little secrets we all know except John Q. Public. Did you know there is no place on the label that confirms Native Yeast, and you might not care but if you claim it, should it not be so? Same for Native everything. Organic, does that get you going, water added, spun off alcohol anyone, acid additions, copper, sprays. Get the point. What about the percentage of alcohol? Did you know that there is a much higher tax on all wine with a 14% plus alcohol then a 13.99% alcohol? did you also know that if the percentage is 13.99% you can lower it almost 1 percent to 13.00% on the label without braking any law? Wow that’s a great lobby group. So that were all on the same page, if I were to make a true 13.2% wine and a competitor made a 13.99% wine, he could list it at 13.0% that’s .2 percent lower.  I ask, is that fair?

I want to be quoted correctly here, I am not for more guidelines. I am not for more label restrictions and government intrusions. I am for honesty and there should be accountability. We work extra hard and sacrifice much to bring you a great wine made as natural as possible with low alcohols. Should someone be able to take the same credit without the extra work? I ask, are you satisfied with being snookered or maybe you just don’t give a damn. Not sure how you prove your point unless you bring a bottle of your favorite producer into the lab for analysis, a full panel about $135.00 a pop. So I guess it comes down to who you believe and in the end if you’re satisfied then that’s all that matters. But I find it extremely unfair to any consumer if he or she is looking for a lower percentage of alc. and they get a lot more than they bargained for. I will leave you with this. If two wineries are claiming the same thing, and one cost a heck of a lot less, buyer beware. There is no way to get the results without the sacrifice! That simple. My only suggestion would be this, if a wine says 13.5% and you like it, then ask for the proof. We are required to keep our lab results on file. So if you want a copy of said results before buying I’ll fax it to you, that simple! If a producer disagrees to send it, don’t buy. Wonder how that would go over?

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