Announcing Signature Wines

In my pursuit to deliver the greatest wines in the World I am launching Greg Linn Signature Wines.

My pallet has always been my guide and I have been fortunate to taste the greatest labels from the greatest vintages going back to the 19th Century.Our own wines have always been made with that knowledge in mind and are driven by a single premise. Make the wines to satisfy my own pallet from the knowledge gained in the form of years of experience.

Over the next two to three years I will be introducing wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Piedmont, Brunello and Riesling from the Rhine.

Today we introduce the first of these wines:

2007 Greg Linn Signature Ammonite Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil Sur Oger Grand Cru Champagne.

This Vintage Champagne due to arrive April 2013 is five years in the making. From the Iconic Mesnil District of Champagne known worldwide for 100 percent Chardonnay based Champagnes, this Grand Cru will sit on the table with the World’s greatest for a fraction of their cost. As with all G.L.S. Wines this is driven by my pallet and is the highest of quality the region can produce. In comparison to Krug, Salon, Solace that cost anywhere from $200.00 to over $800 dollars a bottle and more our wine will not break the bank and still deliver the same quality.

We have blinded our wines against all of its contemporaries and to say we belong  is a huge understatement! We have named this wine Ammonite after the Snail like Fossils found in the vineyard.

2007 G.L.S.W. Ammonite Blanc de Blanc’s: Pre sale price $79.00.

After pre-sale $89.00.

My signature is my promise that all of our wines are the highest of quality. In the end it is your pallet that will guide you, and if your comment is as simple as “Worth Price Paid”, than that will be praise enough.

Greg Linn

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