Ancient Ocean Free Run

2017 Ancient Ocean Free Run • Pinot Noir • $95.00

Winemaker’s  Tasting   Notes

Cases Produced: 75

Bottles: 750ml

It has long been known that the Free Run Juice, (that which is gravity fed off of lees from the fermenter) is the most desirable. This wine drained into the finest of extra tight grain French Barrels with no pressing is akin to extra virgin olive oil. We have isolated three barrels, a total of 75 cases for this magnificent offering.

The mouth feel, well think pure silk, no resistance as the wine slides effortlessly through all the regions of your palate. The nose reaches out from the glass almost hypnotic and draws you in with smells of spring, white flowers, forest floor, and dark engaging fruits. It gives you cedar truffles, black licorice, tobacco and animal.

On the palate the same but more refined, black raspberry, black cherry, huckleberry and boysenberry. The whole cluster shines through with silky tannins, cedar box, coco, tangerine peel, and slate that’s akin to wines like Mazi Chambertin, a great vineyard deep in the heart of Cote d Or. The finish is pure joy consisting of all the same, with so much complexity no doubt each person’s palate will emphasize and live a different experience. This is a rock and roll wine! Should have been called Born to Run, but Bruce nailed that long ago!