2017 Ancient Ocean

2017 Ancient Ocean • Pinot Noir • $89.00

Winemaker’s  Tasting   Notes

Cases Produced: 100

Bottles: 750ml

So, here's the thing: we have had many wines with a great nose, great middle, and great finish. However, it's when we find something unique, something we have not had before, that's when I get amped up and find exhilaration. On the nose, this wine has a background of sweet red fruits, floral characters, and a hint of citrus. We have never produced a greater mouth feel. On the palate, it gives you tangerine peel, red and black fruit, black licorice, truffles, and forest floor. The finish on the wine is where you know we had something different, almost a tangerine slice dipped in cocoa. What a combo! To think, we were just trying to make a Pinot Noir. But isn't that the point? This