Greg Linn Ghost

2017 Ghost • White Wine • $59.00

Winemaker’s  Tasting   Notes

Cases Produced: 300

Bottles: 750ml

2017 Greg Linn Wines “Ghost” White  Greg Linn Wines is proud to announce its newest addition:   Hidden in the caverns between forest and ocean lies an extremely cool and uninviting parcel of land, more suited to 4 wheeling than grape growing. But that’s exactly the point! Find me great soil where grapes grow and I’ll show you the poorest bottles of wine. The reason California has become such a juggernaut in the wine business has never been about soil. We are, even in the vegetable fields nothing more than desert, some places much cooler than others. So in the coolest of climates with Ocean winds, and deep sandy soils we plant vines that struggle to stay alive. They produce almost nothing compared to the wealth of regions like Napa and Sonoma. However what is produced, what is left is something so exciting, and so different one needs only taste to understand. The struggle is the reward.

It is not without sacrifice, it is lack of yield, lack of water, lack of nourishment, battered by wind and producing a gem. Like the consent pressure over millions of years coal eventually yields a diamond. We have done the same, in far less time. A white wine harvested long after it’s contemporaries  are sleeping in barrels and stainless steel we still hang late into October, sometimes November. We pray the rain will remain at bay and allow us to get to some semblance of ripeness. Then around Halloween this ghost of a wine is ready to give up the fight. Long natural unearthly flavor development that is worth the wait. Very scary!

Tasting notes:   Perfume, of Flowers Apples, Lemons and Orange. On the palate Passion Fruit, Citrus, Earth, White Peach and sweet fruit balanced by long natural acids. There is Stone and a bountiful stone and minerality presents. On the finish a long and thirst quenching goodness that has the same flavors bursting on the palate for minutes.  Almost Reverberating over and over.